Lentz: improving Product Energy efficiency with Innovation

At the PTC, Lenze features automation walls, large g500 deceleration motors, marking machines, and so on. These exhibits are the same as the Hannover exhibition in Germany, representing the latest products and technologies of Lenze and meeting the needs of domestic and other Asian customers.

"Lenze's drive and automation products are currently focused on five major markets: automotive, logistics, textiles, printing and consumer goods. Other markets such as pressure processing, rubber and plastics, robots and so on are also widely used. The Chinese market is the fastest growing key market in the world. "in the context of Industrial 4.0 and China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025, Lentz's products will help Chinese customers to complete industrial upgrades more effectively."

As a product company focused on innovation, Lenze put forward 2020 strategy many years ago, which guides the direction of product development and marketing from the aspects of mechatronics, system integration and digitization. Product R & D not only focuses on hardware and software, but also includes brain parts, that is, Lenze's understanding of customer applications is also integrated into product functions to help customers save time and costs for R & D debugging. Improve machine efficiency and performance. Lenze products can support a variety of TCP/IP communication protocols (such as Ethernet, etc.), based on which products can be implemented through various cloud applications Data storage and calculation, such as remote monitoring / operation, VR/AR, etc.

Under the guidance of the company's 2020 strategy, Lenz will be more focused on standardization, energy conservation, systems solutions and innovation, and closer to customers at the product level, Bai said. These ideas are embodied in products and product tools. Such as FAST module can help customers understand the application better and make the solution more reasonable. Lentz is also working to improve product efficiency through innovation, such as three-phase AC motors that can achieve IE4 energy efficiency. So far, Lenz is one of the few in the industry that can provide everything from control to driver, from motion logic to security, from software to hardware, from the cloud to the physical layer, from point to point. Suppliers who control integrated programs such as process control.

Transmission Exhibition opened. I am looking forward to your arrival.