Lei Bo: providing a driving solution based on customer demand

At this PTC exhibition, Lei Bo's power transmission solution for the HubCityTM HERA series helical bevel gear deceleration motor made by the two hundred years' brand of Lei Bo. HubCity, the largest bevel gear manufacturer in North America, is responsible for helical bevel gear reducers, and the Marathon marathon is responsible for ultra-efficient motors. The HERA reducer drives more than 90 units, has good stability, easy maintenance, compact structure, and optional stainless steel series.

It is well known that, on the one hand, the manufacturer's process control, lean production level is higher and higher, on the other hand, the country's environmental requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Lei Bo power transmission through a large investment, dedicated to solve these problems for customers. HERA series of products through high transmission efficiency reducer and ultra-efficient motor, can significantly reduce customer production electricity and carbon emissions. Compared with worm gear and worm gear of the same size, HERA deceleration motor can reduce energy consumption and 2.5 ton carbon emission per kilowatt per year for customers by 39%.

HubCity HERA series deceleration motors focus on reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs and storage costs for Chinese customers. At present, almost all factories have the demand of saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, which is the trend of the times and the requirement of lean management.

Shang Wen, general industry product manager at the company, said: "the foundation of future intelligent manufacturing is a return to superior product quality itself. Lei Bo power transmission with a long history of brand and mature processing and manufacturing technology, to provide high-quality transmission products. On the basis of a wide range of products, we have the ability to provide customer-oriented transmission solutions. Now combined with information technology, on-line monitoring and analyzing feedback can be carried out on the running state, service life and working efficiency of transmission equipment, and at the same time, it can reflect the actual operation status of customer equipment, and find out the problems in operation. Provide professional and effective improvement programs. To truly achieve the future of intelligent technology to meet customer needs and promote the development of the industry. "

Shang noted that the industrial Internet of things is an opportunity for development in the environment of industrial 4.0 and 2025 made in China. "We are actively engaged in this business, bringing more choices to Chinese customers," he said. "We will continue to increase our investment in China and base ourselves on the Asian market to provide more and more convenient products, services and solutions to Asian customers."

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