Flanders Drive: developing the Market with the advantage of scale

Frank joined the PTC exhibition with a full range of products, including the standard gearbox "speed" series, which has been widely popular since its launch two years ago, and the Flanders 3 series planetary transmission gearbox, which has just been launched worldwide this year. The new generation heavy-duty escalator traction machine drives the gearbox, the Chinese local research and development team independently develops the coal mine special scraper machine planetary gearbox, as well as the condition monitoring system DX500. developed by the combination of Siemens digital technology.

Mr. Zhang Yi, Director of Frande's Center for Business Development and Application, said that taking Frande's standard gearbox "speed-up" series as an example, since its launch, it has relied on the scale advantage of its highly standardized and modular products. Sales increased by more than 200 in two years. Flanders' customers were pleased with the cost savings that the product brought to them, and most chose to turn Flanders into standard configuration.

Flanders' state monitoring solution can monitor the vibration, temperature, speed and torque of the gearbox at the same time, obtain the running state of the gearbox in all directions, and realize the goal prevention in the early stage, avoid the unknown failure and stop. Help customers reduce maintenance costs. On this basis, combined with Siemens sensor and industrial software technology, Frande quickly developed a DX500 state monitoring system for intelligent manufacturing in the future, which can provide customers with a full range of services from hardware to software.

On the impact of the Sino-US trade war and confidence in the future market, Zhang Yi is optimistic: "Frande mainly faces China's domestic market, the trade war does not have a special impact." Our October growth rate doubled from a year earlier, and the outlook for the overall industrial market remains optimistic. "our customers are mainly from the coal, chemical, steel and other industries, and Flanders can provide them with intelligent, automated and professional services, thus welcoming more business opportunities in the context of the country's supply-side reforms."

Finally, Zhang Yi said that Frande will further expand local R & D and production to meet the actual needs of domestic customers to produce more approachable quality products.

Welcome to the Mechanical parts Exhibition.