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The increasing online trade and the resulting increase in shipping volumes are constantly posing new challenges to modern intralogistics. Material and goods flows are therefore subject to a growing degree of automation. Increasing throughputs and increasing product diversity require automation of high-bay warehouses and product distribution systems in a small space. VAHLE systems with their compact design and suitability for high traverse speeds meet these requirements. VAHLE Group can supply the best solution for High-bay warehouses (AS/RS), Automatic small parts store, Shuttle systems, Sorter systems, Automatic stackers and Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).

Contactless Power System is based on the same principle as virtually all electric generation and transmission, as well as many other electrical and electronic devices: namely, electromagnetic induction. Like a transformer, an alternating electric current in the primary circuit produces an alternating electromagnetic field. By the law of electromagnetic induction this field induces an alternating current in a secondary circuit nearby.

Unlike a classical transformer (with a primary and secondary part, both of which are closely coupled by a shared iron or ferrite core), vPOWER system consists of separate primary and secondary parts. The primary part does not generally consist of a primary coil, but rather of a conductor loop. This conductor loop is installed as a pair of cables along the travel path of the vehicles to be supplied with power. The primary and secondary parts are no longer coupled via a fixed core.

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