Hangzhou Transtecno Power Transmissions Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Transtecno Power Transmissions Co.,ltd,designs, produces and sells a wide range of

gearboxes (worm, helical, planetary) and electric motors AC and DC either as standard or customised items for special projects. We implement technology and research to build a solid and loyal relationship that lasts.

IRONTECNO range has 3 gearbox series, including helical, bevel and shaft mounted gearboxes. Each product range is divided into 3 sizes providing torque from 900 to 3500Nm. Helical and shaft

mounted gearboxes are available with 2 and 3 reduction stages, bevel helical gearboxes are available with 3 reduction stages. The main characteristics of this range are modularity and interchangeable with the main competitors.