Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd. (Hikrobot) originated from the Machine Vision business unit of Hikvision, Hikrobot has become a global developer and supplier of mobile robot, machine vision products and algorithm platforms. It is committed to continuous intelligence of robots and leadership in smart manufacturing.

The self-developed Hikvision Forklift Robot (FLR) can stack and handle the bulk/pallet goods. The capabilities of automated robots have been expanded to allow it to lift to high shelves as well as to move products in storage, improving the space utilization in the warehouse. The two new FLRs will be unveiled at 2018 CeMAT Asia. Among which, the new Omnidirectional Forklift Robot uses the Omni-directional drive system, which allows it to accommodate to different spaces, meeting the storage and handling requirements of narrow-aisle factories.Developed based on Hikvision's five-face smart camera reading system, Hikvision's new six-face reading system was introduced. Through line scan reading modules, it can read the scattered offload packages from any angle. The self-developed code reading software filters the information before uploading, which greatly improves the reading efficiency while reducing reliance on labor.From November 6th to 9th, Hikvision will showcase seven new robots in three different series, Latent, Conveyer and Forklift, as well as logistics reading systems based on machine vision products, will show up in Shanghai New Expo Centre CeMAT Asia on Booth W3-B2.