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Vertical Lifter, with pallet as its storage unit, delivers pallet to operator or suitable place with the horizontal and vertical movement of the extractor. Adopting absolute position in vertical movement, the equipment can locate accurately; adopting inductive switch control in horizontal movement, ensure movement of the mechanism. Height detection sensor at the retrieval measures article heights to store them at appropriate location, realizing articles being brought to the operator but not vice versa.

Vertical Lifter has such operating modes as hand-motion, standalone automation, and online automatic operation. The manage system can be connected with ERP and MES etc. Compared with Vertical Rotator, Vertical Lifter is more suitable for storing the articles in different size and odd shape.As an important integrant part of modern logistics, AS/RS is an overhead warehouse system which stores goods on several tiers. It is mainly composed of shelf unit, aisle, aisle stacker, storage and retrieval conveyer and automatic control and management system. The stacker and conveyer can deliver goods automatically under the computer control. It can also be interconnected with enterprise s management system and realize modern administration.