Zhejiang Synmot Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Synmot is dedicated to research and application of energy saving technology in machinery. As a professional manufacturer of servo motors, servo drives and servo systems, Synmot can satisfy the requirement of precise motion control in different industries.

Synmot has laboratories for motors, motor drives, EMC and energysaving technologies and can develop the specially specified servo system for automatic equipments, CNC machines and inspection devices.Synmot servo motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors. The main features including: ultra energy-saving, high response and accuracy, low noise and low temperature rise. The rotor is made of high-performance rare-earth permanent magnet material. With low rotary inertia, it is easy to improve the rapidity of system, small volume, high speed and high torque. Using the highresolution encoder(17-bit, 33-bit)to improve the position control accuracy.

It controls the current according to d-p principal axis transformation, which increase the torque control accuracy from ±5% to ±2%. Synmot servo motors have been widely used in injection

molding machinery, textile machinery, CNC machinery etc.