Future production workshops

As the age of industry 4.0 approaches, the demand for highly skilled labor will increase because of their experience and ability to create and implement new manufacturing management systems. In order to realize the high efficiency of the factory, the manufacturing enterprise must have the leading consciousness, continuously enhance and expand the technology and ability of the staff. According to a new study by the Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM), the Indian government's "made in India" program will aim to improve the overall strength of the country's manufacturing industry. The goal is to increase manufacturing's share of GDP from the current 16% to 25%. In addition, the plan also expects to create more jobs by 2022. Manufacturers are actively building digital platforms, when production equipment and operators can exchange information in real time, the functions of the equipment will be greatly improved, and the traditional production ecosystem will be completely changed. With the emergence of new technologies for manufacturers to open a new era of automated production, such a trend, human and mechanical equipment to work together will become more and more frequent.

With the deepening and maturity of industrial robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, automation equipment can help the production in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Manufacturers that are undergoing automation innovation or have not yet embarked on this journey must weigh the pros and cons and assess the automation goals that are appropriate for their own development in order to achieve the desired return on investment.

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