Centralization decision

All these digitization measures have led to a trend towards centralization of production decisions. A feature is no doubt very desirable for global operators looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity at lower cost. By using the integrated solution of manufacturing management tools such as ERP,MOM,PLM, we can effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce the time cost, balance the workload, and achieve the advanced planning and verification goals, finding and implementing ideal manufacturing practices to reduce production uncertainty, achieving simultaneous flow of production materials to reduce inventory, enhancing paperless operations to reduce summoning, warranty and liability costs. Under the condition of prototype machine, the verification process should be completed in a virtual way, which can improve productivity, make better use of resources, and reduce the time to market.

Based on the intelligent glasses technology, the solution of picking up the free warehouse by using the augmented reality (AR) technology that has become another powerful weapon in the workshop. In a traditional workshop, loading and unloading can take an hour, during which process approval is obtained, following by a replacement of the material label to match the internal identification system. Finally, putting the material in the right place. Intelligent glasses integrated with AR technology can quickly guide the staff to the right place, saving working time, error rate and cost. KwikPi from KPIT Ck solution can help workers to improve the speed and placement accuracy of goods, making the whole warehouse picking process more smooth.

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