Challenges for manufacturers

Manufacturers need to have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the operation of the workshop in order to complete the overall planning of production, so as to respond more quickly to market demand and maintain a leading edge in the competition. On the other hand, if they still rely on complex and outdated manufacturing management systems to record and capture production data, it will lead to a series of problems and challenges to be solved.

Most production workshops lack the necessary knowledge and technical reserve to extract real-time data by loading sensors on the equipment, which leads to a relatively weak capability of equipment fault diagnosis and avoiding downtime. Moreover, most of the production equipment works in a single mode, which can not form an effective communication mechanism in the workshop. Furthermore, redundant and repetitive tasks delay response times, making the production process slow and inefficient.

This is because manufacturers are generally reluctant to abandon traditional processes and rushed to adopt new processes and technologies. They have encountered practical difficulties, such as interactivity between different devices, tracking information during production cycles, and so on, all due to lack of flexibility.

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