Modern intelligent factory

Today, we are at the crossroads of Industrial 4.0, and the digital revolution has blurred the line between physical hardware and digital software. From artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), augmented reality (Augmented Reality), to the Internet of things (Internet of Things), to advanced industrial robots, technology is quietly changing every manufacturing process. And India's manufacturing companies are hoping to do the same in China, their neighbour, by reducing production facilities and labor. It improves the production efficiency, promotes the product diversification, and preempts more global market first opportunity.

In a few years, it will be hard to see workshop workers using complex machines to handle and perform simple tasks, such as carrying heavy objects. For example, GE's (General Electric) introduced the concept of intelligent workshop (Brilliant Factory) at its (Pune) plant in Puna, India, where it has real-time self-communication and information-sharing capabilities. You can make decisions faster and more effectively. It can be said to be the next generation of modern, intelligent chemical factory a good model.

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