Other suggestions for developing domestic drilling technology

Hydraulically driven automatic drilling tool

Automated drilling tools have been widely used in developed countries. At present, the domestic automation tools have not yet developed mature products to the market. These should be the key directions for further research in China.

1. The top drive hydraulic motor of hydraulic top drive hydrostatic transmission has small shape size and weight, small weight-power ratio and weight-torque ratio. It can realize stepless speed regulation in a larger range and automatic constant power regulation in a larger range. It has smooth movement, no impact, small inertia, easy to prevent overload and maneuverability, good wait for a series of advantages. In particular, due to the small size of the hydraulic motor, it can be applied to existing drilling rig without increasing the height and width of the derrick.

2. In the process of lifting and launching, the iron driller automatically completes the work of lifting, unloading and quick turning of the drilling tools (drill pipe, collar, casing and various joints), which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers on the drilling platform when they are lifting and launching the drilling tools and improve the efficiency of the operation. Iron drillers are widely used in offshore and offshore drilling rigs. Iron drilling technology has been very mature abroad, and has become the standard configuration of foreign advanced oil rigs.

3. The automatic pipe arrangement device can automatically complete the work of taking, transferring, placing, assembling and disassembling pipe drills. It is very important to ensure the consistency, efficiency, safety and stability of the whole drilling operation. It is widely used in overseas offshore drilling operations. For safety reasons, it is even mandatory in Norway to equip marine drilling rigs operating in its territorial waters.

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