Suggestions for developing domestic drilling technology

The domestic petroleum industry has put forward a series of higher requirements and expectations for drilling technology, and traditional drilling rigs have been unable to meet the needs of the production situation. Hydraulic drive drilling technology has been taken seriously for its distinct technical characteristics. Combined with the problems faced by domestic oil fields, we should carry out research in the following areas.

1. Development of light and easy to move offshore hydraulic drill repair machine.

With the further development of offshore oilfield, small marginal platforms of some oil fields gradually increase. These small marginal platforms are small in size, poor in carrying capacity, and limited in capacity for platform cranes. Traditional drilling and repairing rigs are complex in structure, large in area, heavy in weight and low in automation. They can not be applied to these marginal platforms at all. Lightweight and easy-to-move offshore hydraulic drilling and repairing machine adopts hydraulic cylinder lifting system and hydraulic top drive. It no longer uses winches and turntables with large volume and heavy weight. It also saves many accessory parts such as parallel truck box, chain box and so on. The structure of drilling platform and derrick can also be simplified. It will greatly reduce the area of well site, reduce the weight of the whole machine, and achieve good relocability. If only simple workover operations are considered, the structure can be further simplified and a miniature offshore hydraulic workover rig can be developed.

2. Developing hydraulic well killing operation equipment.

Hydraulic non-killing operation equipment can avoid killing high density or low permeability oil and gas wells, not damaging oil wells, not affecting oil and gas flow status, and not reducing oil and gas reservoir permeability, because it can effectively solve the damage and pollution problems caused by killing in the operation process. The oil layer is protected, the construction process is simplified, the production cost is reduced, and the production efficiency of oil and gas is improved. Therefore, hydraulic well killing workover equipment will be the development direction of workover equipment in the future.

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