Other performance study of hydraulic driving device applied to valves

Before visiting the Hydraulic Exhibition, let us have a look at the knowledge of hydraulic driving device.

1. The function of the hydraulic driving device driven by the spiral swing oil cylinder.

In the hydraulic drive device driven by spiral swing cylinder, the piston and spiral drive are combined in the cylinder. The structure design is very novel, which greatly reduces the volume of the device, has better sealing performance, flexible and convenient control, and can realize long-distance operation. Moreover, the device has the characteristics of waterproof and explosion-proof. Manual control valves can be realized in emergency situations to adapt to a variety of complex environments, but spiral swing cylinder-driven hydraulic drive devices are generally imported products, so their prices are relatively high.

2. Multi rotary hydraulic motor driven hydraulic drive function.

Hydraulic driving device driven by multi-rotary hydraulic motor is a low-speed and large-torque device, which can automatically adjust the change of torque and ensure the safety of output torque, which is of great significance to the reliability of valve operation. With the development of science and technology, the electro-hydraulic control mode is introduced into the multi-rotary hydraulic motor drive device, which realizes the intelligent control and flexible control of the valve and avoids the impact damage of the valve during operation. It can be seen that the multi-rotary hydraulic motor drive device has better safety, and the winch in the device is at the same time. The disc design can realize the manual operation of valves under emergency condition.