Performance study of hydraulic driving device applied to valves

Before visiting the Hydraulic Exhibition, let us have a look at the knowledge of hydraulic driving device.

1. The function of direct push pull hydraulic drive device.

The direct push-pull hydraulic drive device has the characteristics of simple structure and various forms. The force and speed on the valve stem can be adjusted and controlled. Therefore, the control is very flexible and easy to install. At the same time, the direct push-pull hydraulic drive device can realize remote control with high control precision. In this hydraulic drive device, the oil cylinder is fixed at the top of the valve, and the height of the cylinder is high at the top of the valve, while the piston of the oil cylinder has a certain floating characteristic. Therefore, too high vertical height will make the valve plate positioning inaccurate, and is limited by the structure of the oil cylinder, which is not conducive to the artificial regulation of the valve function in emergency state.

2. Gear rack swing oil cylinder driven hydraulic drive device function.

The gear-rack swing cylinder-driven hydraulic drive device has the characteristics of safety and reliability, not limited by the load type. It can fully guarantee flexibility in the adjustment process and realize remote control. However, this kind of device has racks, which drive the gear through the rotation of the rack, which makes its transverse dimension comparable. Large and unavoidable will increase the volume and quality of the device. In the emergency situation, the huge volume and heavy mass bring some difficulties to the manual control valve.