Other application of hydraulic driving device on valve

1. The principle analysis of the hydraulic driving device driven by the spiral swing oil cylinder.

In large and medium caliber ball valves, butterfly valves, etc., spiral swing cylinder driving hydraulic drive device is usually used. The spiral swing cylinder used in this driving device has the advantages of small size, large torque and high safety. Its working principle is as follows: the spiral swing cylinder is fixed above the valve, and the valve stem is fixed by means of flat keys. Connecting with the cylinder, it is different from other hydraulic driving devices. The spiral swing cylinder-driven hydraulic driving device changes the traditional linear motion mode and realizes the cylinder motion by rotating the rotating shaft. The thrust of the piston will be transferred to the helical teeth under the swing of a radial component force, so that the output shaft rotates and the valve is made.

2. Multi rotary hydraulic motor drive hydraulic drive device principle analysis.

In large and medium caliber rotary hydraulic valves and lifting rod valves, multi-rotary hydraulic motor drive device is often used. The top of the motor and the bottom of the valve are fixed by bolts. When the pressure oil enters the motor cavity, it will push the plunger roller to roll, transferring the force to the plunger cylinder, generating torque and driving. The nuts of the moving stem rotate to make the driving stem move up and down, realizing the opening and closing adjustment of the valve.

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