Another application of hydraulic driving device on valve

Gear rack swing oil cylinder driven hydraulic drive device principle analysis.

In large and medium caliber butterfly valves and ball valves, gear and rack swing cylinder driven hydraulic drive device is often used to adjust the opening and closing of valves. In the gear rack swing cylinder driving hydraulic drive device, the cylinder is above the valve, and the connection and fixing between the cylinder and the valve are realized by flat keys and bolts. The cylinder moves back and forth under the action of the piston rod with rack. The rack plays a role. It will drive the gear and the valve stem and make the valve stem rotate, realizing the regulation of valve opening and closing.

In the above adjustment process, the longer the distance of rack and cylinder is, the greater the rotation angle of gear. Therefore, in the design process, the rotation angle of valve stem can be pre-set, which can generally be set to 90 +2. The larger the piston area of the cylinder and the greater the working pressure, the larger the output torque, which puts forward certain requirements for the selection of gear rack. Generally speaking, the gear rack swing cylinder-driven hydraulic drive system has two types of structure: single rack and double rack. If the output torque is large, the double rack should be selected structural form.

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