Application of hydraulic driving device on valve

Hydraulic technology has an important application in the field of transmission and control of modern machinery. Compared with other transmission modes, hydraulic drive has the advantages of convenient use, good safety and stepless speed change. With the development of science and technology, hydraulic drive technology is also progressing, its application level is rising, and its application scope is expanding. This paper briefly studies the application of hydraulic drive device in valves.

Structural principle analysis of hydraulic driving device applied to valves

Hydraulic actuator valves are generally composed of hydraulic actuator body, hydraulic actuator system and electrical control system. The structure principle of hydraulic actuator applied on valves is analyzed according to different classification of hydraulic actuator.

The principle analysis of direct push pull hydraulic drive device.

This kind of hydraulic drive device is mainly used in the control of gate valves and globe valves, such as opening, stopping and closing of valves. The direct push-pull hydraulic drive device can also adjust the opening position of the throttle valve to regulate the flow through the throttle valve. In this kind of hydraulic drive device, the valve and cylinder are fixed by connecting bracket, and the cylinder is fixed on the top of the valve. The piston rod of the cylinder can connect with the valve stem through sleeve and pin. When the cylinder moves, it will drive the valve to move, realizing the relevant adjustment of valve opening, closing or stopping.

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