Maintenance and repair of hydraulic pump

Maintenance of hydraulic pumps is mainly to correct use and management of pumps and timely handling of abnormal conditions in operation, as well as filtering of working media and eliminating minor faults, so as to timely improve the use of hydraulic pumps, to ensure the normal operation of pumps and extend the service life of pumps.

The main causes of hydraulic pump damage are: wear, corrosion, fatigue damage of parts in the pump, manufacturing factors or accidents of the pump, etc. Repair of pump damage due to normal or abnormal causes is essentially a compensation for its deterioration. There are two basic means to repair hydraulic pumps, including repair and replacement.

Matters needing attention in the application of hydraulic pumps

1. Try to avoid starting the pump with load.

2. Attention should be paid to avoid excessive oil absorption of hydraulic pumps when piping.

3. The overflow valve in the hydraulic pump should not be used for regulating the pressure of the system, but should be used as a safety valve.

4. Several pumps should be avoided to form an equal diameter pipe and then to the fuel tank.

5. It is necessary to avoid the connection between the oil drain pipe of the hydraulic pump and the total return oil pipe of the system.

6. We should avoid using soft rubber tubes or plastic pipes as suction pipes for pumps.

7. We should avoid that the maximum part of the oil pipe on the pump body is lower than the axis of the pump.

8. The installation position of plunger pump should be lower than the tank level.

9. The outlet of the main relief valve of the system and the drain pipe of the hydraulic pump should not be directly connected with the suction pipe of the hydraulic pump.

10. The taboo hydraulic pump shaft and the original shaft are assembled with poor coaxality.

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