Selection principles and precautions of hydraulic pumps

The main principle of choosing hydraulic pump is the type of main equipment. The main factors to be considered in choosing hydraulic pump are structural form, working pressure, flow rate, speed, efficiency, quantitative or variable, variable mode, life span, type of prime mover, noise, pressure fluctuation rate, self-priming ability, compatibility with hydraulic oil and size, quality, economy, maintainability and so on.

Selection of hydraulic pump types

When choosing the type of hydraulic pump, it should be based on the operating conditions of the system, the working pressure and flow of the system, and the working environment.

1. Select single executive element according to system operation condition.

If the speed is constant, the quantitative pump will be chosen. If the speed is fast or slow, the double or multiple pumps will be selected. When the pressure is required for variable speed operation, the variable pump will be selected.

2. Selection according to system working pressure and flow rate.

High pressure and large flow, choose plunger pump, middle and low pressure select gear pump or vane pump.

3. Selection according to working environment.

Gear pump or plunger pump should be selected for poor field operation and environment. Vane pump, gear pump or plunger pump should be selected for indoor or fixed equipment or environment.

After determining the type of hydraulic pump, the specification and type are determined according to the pressure and flow volume required by the system.

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