What are the requirements for installation of hydraulic pump tubing?

In order to reduce fluid noise and avoid vibration, noise and heat induced by cavitation and hydraulic shock, the piping installation of the pump should conform to the specifications.

1. Clean the pipeline thoroughly before installation, remove dirt, oxide and so on. The welded pipeline must be washed after pickling.

2. The height of the pump inlet to the tank level should not be greater than 0.5m. If necessary, the tank should be installed above the pump. Hydraulic pumps with poor suction performance, such as valve distributor plunger pumps, must have a certain pressure head, requiring the lowest oil level of the tank to be 0.3m higher than the pump center line to meet the normal oil suction requirements.

The connection of the pipe joints on the suction line should be reliable so as not to enter the hydraulic system. It is recommended that the intake port of the intake pipe should be more than 150mm from the bottom of the tank, and the pipe end should be cut 45 degrees.

3. In order to reduce oil suction resistance, the elbow on the pipeline should not be too many, try not to connect the right elbow, avoid installing the shutoff valve. If it is necessary to install the shutoff valve, the diameter of the valve must be one to two gears larger than the recommended diameter of the suction pipeline, in order to avoid suction of the pump due to misoperation.

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