The introduce of leaf spring

When leaf spring deforms under load, the friction between the sheets is caused by relative sliding, which can promote the vibration attenuation of the frame. Dry friction between individual sheets will transfer the impact on the wheels to a large extent to the frame, which reduces the ability of suspension to mitigate the impact and accelerates the wear and tear of spring sheets, which is disadvantageous. In order to reduce the wear of friction discs, thick lubricants (graphite grease) should be applied between the sheets when the leaf springs are fitted, and regular maintenance should be carried out. In order to store grease and prevent contamination for a long period of time, the leaf spring is sometimes installed in the sheath.

In recent years, more and more automobiles at home and abroad have adopted variable cross-section leaf springs, which are composed of single or 2-3 variable thickness cross-section spring sheets. The cross-section size of the spring sheets varies along the length direction and the width of the sheets remains unchanged. This kind of multi-leaf spring overcomes the shortcomings of large mass and poor performance of multi-leaf spring, which affects the ride comfort of automobiles due to the existence of friction between sheets. According to statistics, under the same service life of the two kinds of springs, the mass of a few leaf springs with variable cross-section can be reduced by 40%-50%. Therefore, this kind of spring is beneficial to lightweight vehicle, energy saving and alloy spring steel, so it is widely used.

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