Leaf spring

Leaf spring is the most widely used elastic element in automobile suspension. It is a nearly equal strength elastic beam composed of several alloy spring sheets of equal width but unequal length (thickness can be equal or unequal).

The first (longest) piece of leaf spring is called the main piece. Its two ends are bent into coiled ears. The inner part is made of bronze or plastic, rubber, powder metallurgy and so on. It is easy to form hinge connection by fixing spring pin on the bracket or ear seat of the frame. The central part of the leaf spring is usually fixed on the axle with U bolts.

The main part of the coil is seriously stressed and is weak. In order to improve the force condition of the main roll, the end of the second roll is often bent into a roll, which is wrapped outside the main roll. In order to make it possible for each piece to slip relatively when the spring is deformed, there is a large gap between the main piece and the second piece. Some suspension springs are not made at the two ends of the leaf spring, and other support connections are used.

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