The data of valve spring

Mechanical parts Exhibition will open. Let us learn about valve spring.

In the design of valve spring, the known data include the following contents: 1. maximum valve lift, 2. given spring installation length, 3. required spring preload, 4. required spring stiffness. It should be noted that the pre-tightening force and stiffness of the spring are the design parameters of the engine system level, which needs to meet the maximum allowable spring force and cam stress, the exhaust valve does not jump, and the valve train does not fly off. There is a strong interaction between cam design and valve spring design. If it is difficult to find a solution in spring design, these input data must be modified.

In valve spring design, the following parameters are calculated and output data: (1) basic or independent spring design parameters (i.e. average diameter of spring, diameter of coil wire, number of coils), (2) derived design parameters (e.g. free length of spring, maximum compression length, compaction length, free space between coils). Clearance, solid clearance between coils during maximum compression, natural frequency and flutter order of spring, simplified maximum spring load and maximum torsional force of spring. The basic design parameters of the spring determine the stiffness of the spring.