Spring steel

Spring steel mainly has good elasticity, and because it works under dynamic load environment, it should have high yield strength for the material of manufacturing spring. It does not cause plastic deformation under heavy load, and it should have high fatigue strength, long service life under repeated load, and it has enough toughness and plasticity to prevent brittle fracture under impact force.

Spring steel refers to the steel specially used for manufacturing springs and elastic elements because of its elasticity in quenching and tempering conditions. The elasticity of steel depends on its ability to deform elastically. Within the specified range, the ability to deform elastically makes it bear a certain load, and no permanent deformation occurs after the load is removed.

According to GB/T 13304 "Steel Classification" standard, spring steel belongs to mechanical structure steel according to basic performance and service characteristics. According to quality grade, spring steel belongs to special quality steel, which means that steel has special strict quality and performance control in production process. According to our custom, spring steel belongs to special steel.

According to GB/T 13304 standard, spring steel is divided into non-alloy spring steel (carbon spring steel) and alloy spring steel according to its chemical composition.

Carbon spring steel

The carbon content (mass fraction) of carbon spring steel is generally 0.62%~0.90%. According to its manganese content, it can be divided into general manganese content (0.50%~0.80%) such as 65, 70, 85 and higher manganese content (0.90~1.20%) such as 65Mn.

Alloy spring steel

Alloy spring steel is a kind of steel based on carbon steel, which can improve the mechanical properties, hardenability and other properties of steel by adding one or several alloying elements appropriately, so as to meet the requirements of manufacturing various springs.  

The basic composition series of alloy spring steel are: Silicon-manganese spring steel, silicon-chromium spring steel, Chromium-Manganese spring steel, Chromium-Vanadium spring steel, tungsten-chromium-vanadium and so on. On the basis of these series, some alloying elements such as molybdenum, vanadium or boron are added in order to improve their properties in some aspects.  

In addition, there are other steels, such as high-quality carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, high-speed tool steel, stainless steel, select some brands as spring steel.

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