Matters needing attention of electromagnetic brake

1. Please use the electromagnetic brake without water or oil grading. If the friction part is contaminated with water or oil grading substances, the friction torque will be greatly reduced and the braking sensitivity will become worse. In order to avoid these situations in use, please add a cover.

2. When it is used in many places with dust, please put all the brakes in the box. The electromagnetic brake below 60KGM can be erected, even with a higher type of machine.

3. The size of the long shaft used to install the brake should be JIS0401 H6 or JS6. For the installation of the shaft, please use one of the types specified in JIS B1301-1959.

4. Considering the thermal expansion and other factors, the thrust of the installation shaft should be selected at 0. 2MM below.

5. When installing, please adjust the suction gap on the machine to the positive and negative 20% of the specified value.

6. Please keep the bracket light, and do not use the brake bearing to bear excessive pressure.

7. Regarding the screws for assembly, please use spring metal plates and adhesives to prevent loosening.

8. While using the frame of the mechanical side to maintain the lead, the terminal board should also be used to make a definite connection.

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