Disc brake

Disc brake has hydraulic type, which is controlled by hydraulic pressure. The main parts are brake disc, pump, brake pliers, tubing and so on. Brake discs are made of alloy steel and fixed on wheels, rotating with wheels. The sub-pump is fixed on the bottom plate of the brake, and the two friction pads on the brake pliers are installed on both sides of the brake disc. The piston of the sub-pump is driven by the hydraulic pressure from the oil pipe to brake the friction pads against the brake disc. It acts like clamping the rotating plate with pliers and forcing it to stop. Disc brakes are quick in heat, light in weight, simple in structure and easy to adjust. The disc brakes used in many cars include flat brake discs, perforated brake discs and scribed brake discs. The scribed brake discs have better braking effect and ventilation and heat dissipation ability.

The disc brake exerts force along the brake disc, and the brake shaft is free from bending moment. The radial dimension of the disc brake is small, and the braking performance is stable.

The rotating element in the disc brake pair is a metal disk operated by the end face, which is called the brake disc. Its fixed components have many structural types, which can be broadly classified into two categories. One is the brake block composed of friction block and metal back plate with small working area. Each brake has 2-4 brakes. These brake blocks and their actuators are mounted in clamp brackets across both sides of the brake disc, collectively known as brake pliers. The brake consisting of brake discs and brake calipers is called a caliper disc brake. The metal back plate and friction disc of another kind of fixed element are also disc-shaped. All working faces of the brake disc can contact with the friction disc at the same time. This kind of brake is called full disc brake. In the past, caliper disc brakes were only used as central brakes, but they are increasingly used as wheel brakes by cars and trucks at all levels. Only a few cars (mainly heavy vehicles) are used as wheel brakes. The caliper disc brake is only introduced here. The caliper disc brake can be divided into two types: the fixed caliper disc and the floating caliper disc.

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