Brake system

Before visiting the Mechanical parts Exhibition, let us have a look at the knowledge of brakes.


The functions of decelerating or even stopping a moving car, stabilizing the speed of a downhill car and keeping a parked car that still are collectively called braking. A series of special devices are installed on the car so that the driver can make the outside (mainly the road surface) in accordance with the road and traffic conditions so as to keep the outside (mainly the road surface) in steam. Some parts of the car (mainly wheels) exert a certain amount of force to brake the car to a certain extent. This kind of controllable external force to brake the car is called braking force, and such a series of special devices are called braking system.

The brake system used to slow down or even stop a moving car is called the driving brake system, and the device used to keep the parked car in place is called the parking brake system. These two braking systems are necessary for every vehicle.


Any braking system has the following four basic components.

1) The energy supply device includes various components for supplying, regulating the energy required for braking and improving the state of the energy transfer medium.

2) Control device includes various components that produce brake action and control the braking effect.

3) The transmission device includes the transmission of braking energy to various parts of the brake.

4) Brake produces a force (braking force) that hinders the movement or trend of the vehicle, including a retarder in the auxiliary brake system.


According to the braking energy, the braking system can be divided into two parts: the manual braking system, which uses the driver's body as the sole braking energy, and the dynamic braking system, whose braking source can be the air pressure driven by the engine, which is completely braked by the potential energy converted from the engine's power to the air pressure or hydraulic pressure. The braking system that uses both manpower and engine power to brake is called servo braking system.

The parking brake system can be powered by manpower or power. There are also inertial braking systems and gravity braking systems for trailers.

According to the transmission mode of braking energy, braking system can be divided into mechanical type, hydraulic type, pneumatic type and electromagnetic type. At the same time, the braking system with more than two energy transmission modes can be called a combined brake system.