The other principle of brake system

Many low and medium-grade vehicles with small engine displacement in the market use the "front disc rear drum" brake system, i.e. disc brake for the front wheel and drum brake for the rear wheel, such as FAW-Volkswagen Jetta, Chang'an Suzuki Otto and Antelope, BYD Fleier, Dongfeng Yueda Qianli Ma, Shanghai Tong, using sail and so on. Let's start with a simple understanding of drum brakes that are often used in the rear wheels.

The actual application difference is very obvious, and the disc brake is better than the drum brake. Drum brake and disc brake have their advantages and disadvantages. In braking effect, the difference between the disc brake and the drum brake is not great, because when braking, it brakes to convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. If the body is small and the weight of the body is light, the drum can be used for the rear wheel.

In heat dissipation, the disc brake is faster than the drum brake, and the ventilation disc brake has better heat dissipation effect. In sensitivity, the disc brake will be higher, but in rainy days when the road is muddy, when the brake drum sticks to the sediment, the brake effect will be greatly reduced, which is also the disadvantage of the disc brake. In cost, the drum brake is lower than the disc brake, and the use of it has longer life, so some middle and low-grade cars will use drum brake, high-grade cars above the basic use of four-wheel brake.

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