Other species of brake

Before visiting the Mechanical parts Exhibition, let us have a look at the knowledge of brakes.

Running brake

Braking (foot brake) allows you to slow down and stop as you go, not just to keep the car stationary. If the brake fails, the parking brake is used. When the vehicle is stationary, using the parking brake (hand brake) to prevent the vehicle from moving forward and backward. Generally, after parking, except parking brake, the upward slope parking should hang the gear in first gear (to prevent rear row), and the downward slope parking should put the gear in reverse (to prevent forward movement).

Industrial brake for crane crane brakes are both working device, and safety devices. Brake in hoisting mechanism is the lifting or lowering of the height of the goods can smooth stop in need, or controls the speed of lifting or lowering running transformer etc, or brake can stop institutions steady position in need.

Hydraulic brake is stable, safe and reliable, convenient for maintenance, low power consumption, long life, no noise, high frequency advantages.

The company's products are widely used in domestic lifting and transportation, port machinery, metallurgy machinery, railway machinery, hydraulic machinery, mining machinery and other industries

Elevator brake

Brake is one of the safety parts of the elevator with frequent movements. It can stop the motor of the elevator without power supply and make the car stop effectively. Whether the elevator can run safely, it is closely related to the working condition of the brake. A large number of accident cases show that the elevator is one of the main causes of life or personal injury accident brake failure or own existence design flaws, resulting in the elevator that have header, dun bottom, slide, and even the phenomenon such as sheared. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the safety inspection of elevator brake.