The function of brake

Before visiting the Mechanical parts Exhibition, let us have a look at the knowledge of brakes.

Friction disc should not be wasted

The maximum contact surface of The brake pads of the original brake is not more than 80%, and the degree of wear of the two hoof is not consistent, the thinnest end is in place after all replacement. It's a shame to look at the thick scrap. The contact surface of the balance brake is 100%, and the degree of wear is uniform, the thickness of scrap plate is equal. In terms of wear volume or weight, wear off a third is more. So China's first " brake" saves more brake pads.

Maintaining the load bearing quality of the vehicle bridge

The brake is mounted on the axle housing, the brake drum is mounted on the wheel core, and the wheel core is mounted on the semi-axle catheter through the bearing, which is the automobile axle. The balanced brake bridge eliminates the unbalance load and stress concentration of the driving mechanism and maintains the load quality of the bridge to the greatest extent, saving money, saving time and high cost performance

After the vehicle's braking system upgraded, the performance of the vehicle will be greatly changed, which is more than three times the value of the brake drum and friction disc alone. In the long-term use process, it can save a lot of cost of materials and maintenance as well as a lot of energy and time. The increased input of refitting a balancer is less than the price of buying half brake drum, which fully reflects the high cost performance and reduces the occurrence of failure. The service life of wheel core, bearing and half shaft catheter on the axle is multiplied.