Species of brake

Transmission Exhibition will open. Let us learn about breaks.

Balanced load brake

To prevent the pursuit of balance brake, it is to pursue the uniform braking force of the wheels when the vehicle brakes. The front wheels on both sides are consistent, which can prevent the direction of deviation. Both sides of the rear wheels are consistent, which can prevent side slip and tail. When a car brakes on snow or wet roads, off-tracking or tail-throwing causes the vehicle to lose control to varying degrees. If both of these conditions occur simultaneously, the normal road brake will cause the vehicle to lose control completely. Once the heavy transport vehicle loses control, the consequence is more serious. Therefore, in order to avoid serious traffic accidents and ensure the safety of people's life and property, heavy transport vehicles must resolutely eliminate all "non-balanced" car brakes.

The brake power

Total braking force is equal to original adding on the force. When braking force balance is in a brake force at work, it will be out of a new transformation by friction mechanical force on the brake force, which formed two kinds of braking force after the combination, the total braking force can be increased by about 40%, so China's first "brake" in the face of the overloading, steep slope, and all kinds of dangerous road safety performance is higher.

Basical solving brake drum rupture problem

Brake drum rupture will make the wheel brake failure, which relates to road safety. All the vehicles equipped with the balanced booster brake are very surprised that a long - term troubled brake drum rupture problem has finally been successfully solved. Balanced braking can make the drum face under uniform force, reduce the pressure stress per unit area, and reduce thermal cracks. The mechanical strength of brake drum is not easy to be damaged, and the cracking problem can be solved easily. The brake drum is mainly used for natural wear and tear in the future. The service life of the original vehicle brake is more than three times.