Other safety requirements for electric parts of brakes

Another important point of the electric part of the brake is the control circuit of the brake coil. According to the relevant standards, it can be summarized as follows. When the brake is in normal operation, the brake should be kept loose under continuous power supply. To cut off the brake current, at least two separate electrical devices should be used, regardless of whether these devices are integrated with the electrical devices used to cut off the current of the main engine of the elevator drive. Independence means that two contactors are not mutually controlled, and the two contactors must be controlled by two independent signals, not by one signal. When the elevator stops, if the main contact of one of the contactors is not opened, the elevator should be prevented from running again at the latest when the next operation direction changes. When the elevator motor is likely to play the role of generator, it should prevent the motor to operate the brake electrical device feeding. After the brake release circuit is disconnected, the elevator should be effectively delayed without additional delay. The brake response time should not exceed 0.5s to prevent the elevator from falling or pulling. The response time of the working brake equipped with the brake element for the up-speed protection of the car should meet the braking requirements of Article 9.10.1 of GB 7588-2003. If one contact in the circuit is adhesive, the other contact can still reliably disconnect the brake circuit to prevent sliding. It can monitor the contactor did not open this fault, in order to prevent another contactor did not open and cause slides.

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