Nylon composite flat belt and its characteristics

Nylon sheet composite flat belt (also known as high strength flat belt) is a modified polyamide sheet as the bearing layer. The working surface is covered with chrome tanned leather or elastic colloid friction layer, and non-working surface is adhered to rubber cloth or special fabric layer. The tensile strength of nylon sheet is up to 400 MPa, and the elastic modulus is high. The composite flat belt has high comprehensive mechanical properties after the treatment of constant elongation. The covering layer of the working surface can not only enhance the transverse tear resistance of the belt, but also increase the adhesion force with the surface of the pulley. According to the different covering materials, the friction coefficient with the pulley surface can reach 0.4 ~ 0.7, so the nylon sheet composite flat belt has a high bearing capacity. In recent years, the properties of nylon sheet have been improved continuously, and the properties of nylon sheet have been further improved, and it is not affected by temperature. In addition, flat belts with polyester and aramid fabrics as load-bearing layers have also appeared. Because of the improved manufacturing process, the transmission performance of flat belts, such as strength, flexibility and vibration absorption of belt body, transmission stability and service life, has been greatly improved, showing good prospects for use.

Because of the requirements of reliability, smooth operation and a certain life, special ring flat belts use light texture, thin and uniform thickness, good flexibility and high strength, such as thin nylon sheet composite flat belts, high-speed ring tapes, special braided belts (linen, silk, nylon) and so on, which are used to reduce the centrifugal force when they work. If vulcanized joints are used, the flexural properties of joints and belts should be as close as possible.

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