Flat belt

The flat belt is a kind of transmission belt. It includes ordinary flat belt, braiding belt, compound flat belt, high speed belt, etc.

Ordinary flat belt (rubber sail belt) and its characteristics

The ordinary flat belt is made of several layers of glued canvas, and has two kinds of edge type and open side type. Its characteristics include high tensile strength, good pre-tightening performance, good moisture resistance, but less overload capacity, poor heat and oil resistance.

Soft tape vulcanized by ordinary flat tape bonded together, which has good flexibility. according to the technical form, flat tape is divided into end flat tape and circular flat tape.

The length of the ordinary flat belt can be intercepted according to needs, and then the ends thereof are connected. The joint of the flat belt should ensure that the girth on both sides of the flat belt is equal, so as to avoid uneven force and accelerate damage.

Knitting belt and its characteristics

The braided belt includes cotton, woolen and stitched cotton belts, as well as silk, linen and nylon braided belts for telling. There are two kinds of rubber covering and uncovering.

The braided belt has good flexibility, which can work on smaller pulleys and has good adaptability to variable loads, but the transmission power is small and easy to relax.

High speed belt and its characteristics

Belt speed is greater than 30m/s, and high-speed shaft speed between 1000r/min to 50000r/min are high-speed belt, and belt speed greater than 100m/s called ultra-high-speed belt. High speed belt drives are usually open speed drives.

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