New function of brake

For elevators, brake is both a working device and a safety device. With the development of technology and the improvement of energy-saving and environmental protection requirements, more and more permanent magnet synchronous gear-less tractors will replace the traditional worm-and-worm tractors, so it may not be necessary to install an upstream over speed protection device separately. The brakes of this kind of permanent magnet synchronous gear-less tractors (which should be tested) have upstream over speed protection. According to GB 7588-2003 Section 9.10, the car's up-speed over speed protection device is usually composed of a speed monitoring component and a deceleration actuator, while the permanent magnet synchronous gear-less tractor brake (all brake components involved in exerting force on the brake wheel or disc are divided into two groups and are considered to have internal redundancy in these components.) It is the deceleration execution element that slows down or stops the elevator. Therefore, checking the brake in the inspection should have a type of up-speed protection function test certificate and report, whether the brake and traction wheels are directly rigid connection, I should have electrical equipment to verify the brake that is working properly, but do not need to series into the safety circuit. The braking performance of its upstream over speed protection should also meet the requirements of clause 9.10 of GB 7588-2003.

TSG T7002000-2009 requires the elevator manufacturer to provide the type test certificate of the drive main engine. The author has read some type test certificates and reports of the drive main engine, including the contents of the brake. Compared with before, this one has more safety checks in both mechanical and electrical parts.