Matters needing attention of the universal joint

1. Avoiding collision and heap pressure when assembling, handling and storing.

2. Vehicle inertia should not be used to start the engine to avoid impact.

3. Avoiding lifting the clutch pedal and shift smoothly.

4. When the vehicle brakes as far as possible, the transmission is in neutral or the clutch is in a separate state to prevent transmission overload.

5. Checking the sealing condition of intermediate support bearing, cross shaft bearing and sliding spline frequently, and replacing the invalid oil seal in time. Lubricating grease is often injected. In order to make the bearings of cardan joint fully lubricated, the lubricating oil must be extruded from the oil seal of the bearings. To lubricate the middle bearing, it should be extruded from the vent of the front bearing cap.

6. Checking the tightening drive shaft and supporting bolts of each component regularly.

7. Always checking the diameter, axial clearance, axial clearance of the cross shaft, the fit clearance between the cross shaft and the bearing, the fork hole of the bearing and the universal joint, and the circumferential clearance of the sliding spline pair.

8. Checking whether the transmission shaft is bent, concave, and whether the balance piece is falling off.

9. Checking whether the positioning of the engine, rear axle (drive axle) and intermediate supporting beam meets the standards.