V-belt is an unique conveyor belt and a mechanical device used to transfer force and goods. The utility model has the advantages of easy installation, small occupied area, high transmission efficiency and low noise.

V-belt is abbreviated as V-belt or triangular belt, which is a section of trapezoidal ring belt, which is divided into special V-belt core and ordinary V-belt two major categories.

According to its cross-section shape and size, it can be divided into ordinary V-belt, narrow V-belt, wide V-belt, multi-wedge belt. According to the structure of the belt, it can be divided into wrapped V-belt and trimmed V-belt. According to the core structure, it can be divided into cord V-belt and cord V-belt. It is mainly used in power transmission of mechanical equipment driven by motors and internal combustion engines.

The V belt is a kind of transmission belt. General industrial V has ordinary V band, narrow V band and group V band.


1. If regularly checking the tension of the triangular tape after adjustment can not meet the requirements, it must replace the new triangular tape. When replacing, all the belts on the same pulley should be replaced at the same time. Otherwise, the load distribution on the triangle belt is not uniform because of the difference between the old and the new, resulting in the vibration of the triangle belt, transmission instability, reducing the work efficiency of the triangle belt transmission.

2. In operation, the temperature of the triangle belt should not exceed 60 degrees. If it is found that the surface of the triangle belt is luminous, indicating that the triangle belt has slipped, it is necessary to first remove the dirt on the surface of the belt, and then coat the belt with appropriate wax. Warm water should be used when cleaning the triangle belt, not with cold water or hot water.

3. For various types of triangular belt, it is not appropriate to apply rosin or viscous substances, but also to prevent pollution on oil, butter, diesel oil and gasoline, otherwise it will corrode the triangular belt, shorten the service life. The groove of the belt should not be covered with oil, otherwise it will slip.

4. The triangle belt should be kept well when not in use. It should be kept in a place with low temperature, no direct sunlight and no oil and corrosive smoke to prevent its deterioration.