Toothed chain

Toothed chain, also known as silent chain (Silent Chain), belongs to a form of transmission chain. China's national standards are GB/T10855-2003 "toothed chain and sprocket". Tooth chain is composed of a series of tooth chain plate and guide plate alternately assembled and pin or combination of articulated components connected, the adjacent pitch between the articulated joints. According to the guide type, it can be divided into outer guide tooth chain, internal guide tooth chain and double internal guide tooth chain. Tooth chain is an important mechanical basic component which is widely used. It is mainly used in high speed, heavy load, low noise and large center distance. Its transmission performance is superior to that of tooth belt drive, gear drive and grinder chain drive. It has become one of the preferred pair transmission forms in many industries. It can be divided into internal meshing tooth chain by meshing form. The external meshing tooth chain and the internal and external compound meshing tooth chain, of which the internal and external compound meshing tooth chain has the least noise and the most extensive application.

Main features

1. Noise small. Tooth chain transfers power through meshing the involute tooth profile of working chain plate and sprocket tooth. Compared with roller chain and sleeve chain, the polygon effect of noise small tooth chain is obviously reduced, the impact is small, the movement is stable and the meshing noise is small.

2. The chain segment of tooth-shaped chain with higher reliability is a multi-piece structure. When some of the chain segments are destroyed in work, the whole chain can be found and replaced in time. If the bearing capacity needs to be increased, only a small size in the width direction (increasing the number of chain segments) is needed.

3. The movement accuracy is high. The chain links of the toothed chain are uniform in wear and elongation, and can maintain high motion accuracy.

The main application scope of tooth chain is mainly used in textile machinery, centerless grinder, conveyor belt machinery and equipment. The types of toothed chain are CL06, CL08, CL10, CL12, CL16, CL20.