Processing equipment of compressed air system

Compressed air produced by compressors is not pure. This is because the air compressor itself contains lubricating oil. In the compression work, there must be part of the lubricating oil mixed into the compressed air. In addition, the natural air itself contains some solid particles and water. When the air is directly used in the pneumatic loop without purification treatment, it will bring some fault to the pneumatic loop, damage the pneumatic components, reduce the service life of the components, reduce production efficiency, and even cause accidents. Therefore, the purification of these compressed gases by the post-processing equipment of compressed air to obtain pure compressed gases is an essential part of the gas pressure system.

After treatment equipment for compressed air system

Gas storage tank: when compressed the air go into the tank, the air impurities in the tank settling, separating most of the water, oil, dust. The compressed air system is discharged through the sewage outlet.

Filter: according to the gas quality requirements, the number of filters and the location of the compressed air system are different. The basic configuration is the accuracy of filtering accuracy of 3 m, 1 m and 0.01 M. In addition, there are some special requirements to meet the use of filters, such as "degreasing filter", "degerming filter", "activated carbon filter" and so on.

Dryer: the drying of compressed air is a relative concept. The compressed air will have the precipitation of water as long as the temperature changes. It is only the amount of water that precipitates. The use of dryer can be relatively pure air, so that compressed air meets the requirements of use. Dryers are classified as "freeze dryers", "adsorption dryers", "dissolved dryers" and so on.

Gas pipeline: the pipeline  compresses compressed air to the point of use. As long as achieving the compressed air use point required flow, pressure, pure static, most of the materials available in the market can be used now.