Operation process of compressed air system

1. Compressed air output. Air is collected by the air compressor, which is.compressed by the air compressor head, from the air compressor outlet injection into the gas tank. Since there is a temperature difference between the air collected at the inlet and the compressed air ejected from the outlet after work, most of the condensate water must be separated with a small amount of oil and impurities. After settling, the sewage outlet is discharged.

2. Automatic drain. Each of the lower nozzles should have a drain at the end. The most effective way is to use an automatic drain, which will remain in the pipe with manual drainage of water automatically.

3. Air handling devices to keep compressed air clean and under suitable pressure and to deliver lubricating oil to parts requiring lubrication to extend the life of these pneumatic components.

4. Directional control valve controls the direction of movement by alternately pressurizing and exhausting the two interfaces of the cylinder.

5. The executive element transforms the pressure of compressed air into mechanical energy, such as pneumatic motor.

6. Speed control valve can easily realize the stepless speed regulation of executive components (pneumatic motor).