Characteristic of pneumatic motor

The pneumatic motor is a kind of power plant which uses compressed air as the working medium and converts the pressure energy into mechanical energy by the expansion of compressed gas.

Although different types of pneumatic motors have different structures and working principles, most of them have the following characteristics.

1. It can be stepless speed regulation. The output power and speed of the motor can be adjusted as long as the opening of the intake valve or the exhaust valve is controlled. The flow rate of compressed air is controlled. It can achieve the purpose of regulating speed and power.

2. It can turn forward and reverse. Most air motors can realize the forward and reverse rotation of the output shaft of the air motor and the instantaneous reversal as long as they simply use the control valve to change the direction of the inlet and exhaust of the motor. In positive and negative conversion, the impact is very small. One of the main advantages of the commutation of the air motor is that it has the capability of almost instantaneously rising to full speed. The vane motor can rise to full speed in one and a half seconds. The piston motor can rise to full speed in less than a second. The positive and negative reversals can be achieved by changing the intake direction with the control valve. The time to realize positive inversion is short, fast, shocking, and without unloading.

3. Work safety, free from vibration, high temperature, electromagnetic, radiation and other effects. It is suitable for harsh working environment. Flammable, explosive, high temperature, vibration, humidity, dust and other adverse conditions can work normally.

4. Overload protection will not cause failures due to overload. When overload occurs, the motor only rotates slowly or stops. When the overload is relieved, the motor can immediately resume normal operation without causing damage to the parts. It can be operated continuously for a long time and the temperature rise is small.

5. Higher starting torque can start directly with load. Starting and stopping quickly. It can start with load.

6. Power range and wide speed range. The power is as small as several hundred watts to tens of thousands of watts, and the speed can range from zero to ten thousand minutes per minute.

7. It is easy to operate, maintain and repair the gas motor with a simple structure, small size, light weight and high horsepower.

8. Using air as a medium, so there is no supply difficulty, and used air does not need to be treated. Putting into the atmosphere pollution-free compressed air can be centralized supply, long-distance transport.