Troubleshooting of heat exchanger

In the production process, because the heat exchanger tube sheet is eroded by water, cavitation and corrosion of trace chemical medium, leakage often occurs at the weld of tube sheet, resulting in the mixing of water and chemical materials, so that the production process temperature is difficult to control, resulting in the formation of other products, seriously affecting product quality and reducing product grade. After the weld leakage of condenser tube sheet, the enterprise usually uses the traditional repair welding method to repair. The internal stress of tube sheet is easy to produce, and it is difficult to eliminate, resulting in leakage of other heat exchangers. Several months later, the weld of tubesheet was corroded again, which wasted manpower, material and financial resources and increased production costs. Through the corrosion resistance and erosion resistance of Fushi Blue polymer composites and the protection of new heat exchangers in advance, the problems of weld seams and sand holes existing in new heat exchangers are effectively solved, and the corrosion of metal surfaces and weld joints caused by chemicals after use is avoided. It can also be applied to the surface of heat exchangers for regular maintenance in the future. Mafushi blue polymer composites protect exposed metals. Even if leakage occurs after use, it can be timely repaired by Fushi blue technology, avoiding long-term surfacing maintenance affecting production. It is precisely because of this fine management that the probability of heat exchanger leakage problem is greatly reduced, which not only reduces the equipment procurement cost of heat exchanger, but also ensures the product quality, production time and improves product competitiveness.