Heat-sensitive sensor heat exchanger

The heat-sensitive sensor heat exchanger is made of stainless steel with high-efficiency heat-sensitive sensor heat exchanger as its main machine. It integrates the internal pressure-stabilizing system and control system of general heat exchanger station. It makes full use of the advanced technology such as flow frequency conversion control, heat automatic monitoring control and remote network communication control to maximize the unit. The limit is automatic and intelligent. The whole unit is well-balanced, tailor-made. The whole unit out of the factory is fast and convenient installation, and installation costs are very low.   


1. Fast heat transfer, high heat transfer efficiency and heat transfer efficiency, up to 100%.

2. Full recovery and recycling of condensate, self-cleaning and anti-scaling of the whole system water. Heat exchanger, radiator and heat exchange system can maintain long-term stable and efficient heat exchange performance, minimize the scale phenomenon of the system, and will not reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the system because of the fouling drawbacks that are difficult to overcome.

3. The heat exchanger is made of all stainless steel. The product structure is designed scientifically. The technology is excellent and the service life is long. It can reach more than 20 years.

4. The key parts adopt advanced German technology and order processing, so the main engine is not affected by steam pressure and system pressure, effectively eliminating noise and steam strikes, and the whole machine runs smoothly.

5. Condensate water is completely absorbed and utilized. There is no special reason for the system. There is no need to install water supply device, which greatly saves the system water and operating costs.

6. The whole set of units has compact structure, small floor area, and greatly saves civil investment. At the same time, because of high heat exchange efficiency, the system does not need to make up water during operation. The whole set of units can save steam, electricity and water, creating considerable energy-saving benefits for users.

7. The unit has high intelligent automatic control function, which can realize over-pressure and over-temperature protection, automatic cut-off of power-off steam and automatic compensation of outdoor temperature. It can also realize remote monitoring and provide users with a safe running platform.

8. It has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in heating, hot water bath and other uses in the fields of thermoelectricity, factories and mines, food and medical treatment, mechanical light industry, civil buildings and so on.

9. The application conditions are broad, and can be used for heat exchange in larger pressure and temperature range.