Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger is a device that transfers part of the heat of a hot fluid to a cold fluid, also known as a heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is the general equipment of chemical industry, petroleum, power, food and many other industrial departments, which occupies an important position in production. Heat exchangers can be used as heaters, coolers, condensers, evaporators and reboilers in chemical production, and are more widely used. There are many kinds of heat exchangers, but according to the principle and mode of heat exchange of cold and hot fluids, they can be divided into three categories: wall type, mixed type and regenerative type. In the three type of heat exchangers, the wall type heat exchanger is the most widely used.

Household class heat exchanger

The household heat exchanger solves the problem of collective heating and hot water in winter. Its working principle is the same as the heat exchanger principle of collective heating. It's just the size and the style. It can be divided into cast iron, cylinder, steel, water storage and plate type. The results are good.

Cast iron. The cast iron is of large volume and heavy weight. But the inside of the copper tube can be opened before buying check, and it is not easy to be cheated by merchants, and after a few years of broken copper tube, it can be replaced.

Cylinder type. The cartridge is small in size and efficient in exchange. But the user can't see the length of the copper tube and change the copper tube, and it is not very beautiful.

Steel production. The size of the steel system is large and small. Nor can the user see the length of the copper tube, and the copper tube can not be replaced. But it is more beautiful.

Plate type. Plate type is small in size and very small in weight. The heat exchange efficiency is very high. There is no copper tube inside. Heat exchange capacity is related to the number of layers. Layers can be seen and touched.