Equipment features of hydraulic test bench

1. Adopting the imported pneumatic pump from the United States as the pressure source, the test pressure is high, the maximum can reach 690 MPa, the output pressure can be steplessly adjusted, and the boost rate can be set freely.

2. Adopting multi-pump to supply pressure, the output flow is larger and the test range is wider, which can meet the pressure test requirement in the range of 1-690 MPa.

3. All pump valves and pipes are made of 316 stainless steel, which is imported from the United States and can be used for most liquid pressure testing media such as water, oil and emulsion.

4. Hydraulic test-bed adopts two-stage control system of computer and single-chip microcomputer. The whole test process can be operated on computer. The computer automatically generates pressure and time curves and stores all kinds of data, and can print test reports at any time. You can also manually control the test process through the button switch.

5. During the test process, pressure compensation can be carried out automatically, which has the characteristics of stable test pressure and high precision of pressure test.

6. Computer automatic pressure relief and manual pressure relief dual pressure relief device, more overpressure and leakage alarm system make the whole set of equipment more safe and reliable.

7. The real-time monitoring of the pressure test site can realize the unmanned test site.

8. IVS-Test testing software is mature and stable, and humanized operation interface is convenient for users to operate and monitor.