Hydraulic test bench

Hydraulic test bench is suitable for testing the pressure resistance and explosion performance of various automobile hoses, rubber hoses, air conditioning tubes, automobile assemblies and other products. It is used for the determination of burst pressure and the determination of pressure time for various types of fittings. It is widely used in the production, development and research of various hoses, such as quality testing units, various vehicle parts manufacturing units, product quality testing stations, scientific research institutes and other fields. The pressure test system is composed of a pressurized system and a control and display system. The pressurization system is mainly composed of liquid booster pump and other components. It mainly completes the pressurization and pressurization work of the system, which can ensure the pressurization and pressurization of the long-term test. The control and display system mainly completes the control of driving gas pressure, control of pressure relief, timely display of pressure, control of pressurization and other work.

Equipment composition

1. The core components: through the liquid booster pump to pressurize the liquid, it can meet the test pressure requirements.

2. Pneumatic two parts: filter and adjust the compressed air.

3. Speed regulating valve: adjusting the air flow to adjust the operating frequency of the supercharger, which can prolong the service life of the supercharger.

4. High pressure filter: filtration of gas.

5. High Pressure Limit Valve: setting the automatic shutdown and opening pressure of the supercharger to ensure that the supercharger can shut down automatically when the pressure is set.