Use of skills for pressure relay

The pressure relay can sense the pressure of the system and send out the switch signal. When pressure is reached, normally open contacts are closed and normally closed contacts are opened. We can make use of it in terms of procedure. But when we actually use it, we will encounter some problems.

First of all, the quality of the selected products is problematic, mainly in the following aspects.

1. Action is not sensitive, and pressure has not yet signal output. This is the manufacturing problem. Servopiston and u-seal are too tight. When the factory is out, there is no test.

2. Not yet to the pressure of the dispatch. Assembly problems. The microswitch in the pressure relay is not installed properly.

3. The product is not durable, and few pressure relay will not move. The manufacturer had no conscience and used a very poor micro switch.

4. Oil leakage. If the sealing ring is not selected, it will be overworked.

All of the above are the supplier's problems. If the user has problems, the pressure relay will not work.

Low level mistakes:

1. There is no output signal. The pressure hole is blocked by the raw tape, and the assembly worker is not careful.

2. The pressure measurement is not allowed. The phenomenon is that the pressure gauge has not yet indicated the pressure of the pressure gauge, and the relay has been sent to the public. In fact, the pressure relay operates faster than the pressure gauge, especially the oil-filled shock gauge. So maybe the pressure gauge runs to 10M, and the pressure relay is 20M.

Advanced error:

1. Pressure relay action is not sensitive and bad adjustment. Pressure range is not selected. Because springs are not linear, the pressure relay is usually divided into pressure levels. It is best to choose the appropriate pressure level. For example, JCS-02-NL should be used to send a message at 35 kgf/cm, and the pressure range should be 5-70 kgf/cm. If you use JCS-02N, it will be difficult to use.

2. The pressure drops, and the normally closed contacts of the relay are not drawn. This is because the pressure relay has a backlash problem, which is related to the manufacturer's level of process. At the same time, it also has a great relationship with the structure of pressure relay. At present, the return difference of Taiwan JCS-02 structure is basically maintained at around 15kgf/cm, which is relatively stable. Other imitations are hard to tell. At the same time, because the JCS-02 organization is not too reasonable, it is decided that its performance can not be too excellent. Now the new PS series refers to the German patent structure, which has a qualitative leap in motion sensitivity and stability, especially in the low pressure range, which is 0 - 50kgf/cm. The advantage of sensitive action is obvious.