Removing the methods of needle bearing

Tap on a method. The percussion force is usually applied to the inner ring of the bearing, and the percussion force of the shielding machine room should not be applied to the roller and cage of the bearing. This method is simple, but it easily damaged bearings. When bearing is at the end of the shaft, using less than the copper rod of bearing inside diameter or other soft metal materials resist shaft end, adding on the lower part of the bearing, knocking gently by hand, then the bearing can be removed. Applying this method, we should pay attention to the proper placement of cushion blocks, and the focal points should be correct.

Thermal dismantling. It is used for dismounting tightly fit bearings. The oil is poured into the bearing to be dismantled by the oil kettle heated to about 100 C. After the bearing ring is heated and expanded, the bearing can be pulled out by the pulling tool.

Pushing pressure method. Pressing the bearing with the press, the work is stable and reliable and will not damage the shielding room of machine and bearing. The press is manually pushed and pressed by mechanical or hydraulic presses. Matters needing attention: the focal point of the press should be on the center of the shaft, and it should not be biased.

Pulling out method. When a special puller is used, the bearing will be pulled out slowly when the handle is rotated. When the outer ring of the bearing is removed, the bending angles of the two legs of the pulling tool should be opened outward. When the inner ring of the bearing is removed, the two legs of the pulling tool should be inward clamped on the end face of the inner ring of the bearing.